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Promoting a luxury estate for an international clientele requires specialized expertise. At Ghioni Luxury, we offer a full and diverse portfolio of luxury estates, providing a myriad of services to support the needs of our clients. The emotional element is often crucial when buying a luxury estate. You are not only buying something which is necessary, but something you have dreamed of  for a long time.


To ensure our clients have a wide array of services and support we have established a network of professionals and consultants specialised in law and finance with whom we work closely enabling us to provide a comprehensive service. Our clients have access to a team of internationally experienced consultants and professionals with specific knowledge of taxes and laws related to their country of origin. We provide our clients with this indispensable support in their mother tongue, guaranteeing the transparency  that is so important to the business involved in the sale of a property. What we provide is a streamlined process for both the seasoned buyers as well as those venturing into Luxury sales for the first time, providing the personalized experience and the opportunity to work with one trusted representative: us.


At Ghionly Luxury Real Estate our impressive team combines a group of professionals whose dedication and specialized knowledge satisfies the specific needs of our clients while guaranteeing them the transparency, discretion and privacy they require. Our work has led us in recent years to be recognized as one of key actors in the luxury real estate market.
An important part of luxury real estate is the relationship we build with the property owners who entrust us with the sale of their properties. We work to ensure that their specific requirements and needs are met. For this reason a great deal of energy is invested in researching and understanding the needs of our clients, assessing the client's requests and determining what needs to be accomplished to devise the best possible sales strategy guaranteeing the maximum flexibility and personalization. Our services include: the assessment of the target buyer; we identify serious and trustworthy potential buyers; we enhance the commercial appeal of properties using dedicated studies and services such as historic research or air photos; we set up direct marketing strategies for a given country or client base; we use innovative communication strategies such as the internet, newsletters; we guarantee our presence and assistance in foreign countries thanks to the support of our international partners. We work to create a trust based relationship with our clients by offering our professionalism and all our resources to guarantee a successful transaction.


We offer a wide range of services to fulfill your many and varying requests including the possibility of dedicated property searches if our current portfolio fails to offer you the ideal property.
In these cases our in-depth knowledge of individual markets as well as working synergies with expert collaborators help us to identify particular properties based on specific needs.
Our specialised resources are made available as a function of the ongoing search facilitating the acquisition of the most pertinent offers which match the established criteria.
We undertake detailed checks of the properties we source, including their urban conformity, residual mortgages and land registry documents, all of which guarantees a smooth transaction.
The most suitable properties will be identified, we will organise viewings and, once you have made a choice, specialised consultants will be available during the negotiations which in the case of foreign buyers will be helped by professionals who guarantee assistance in their language.

Dedicated searches

Are you looking for a luxury property to make a real estate investment ? Or for a Medieval castle to convert into a tourist accommodation facility? Whatever you're looking for, Ghioni Luxury Real Estate is able to fulfill your request thanks to a portfolio composed of properties with unique historical, architectural, and cultural features. And there is more. Since not all Ghioni luxury properties are viewable on the website (for privacy reasons), we are able to offer personalised scouting, based on the specific needs and desires of our clients. This consulting service can be done “at your home” by Ghioni's brokers. The objective? Finding a property that best matches the client's requirements. After carefully assessing your needs we establish a specialized and personalized search (kind of estate, size, cost, location). After which we begin our dedicated and extensive search for the perfect property all the while maintaining constant and close communication with our clients ( or use… prospective buyer.) The professionalism offered by Ghioni Luxury Real Estate is founded in our relationship with owners and buyers and our respect for their privacy and personal data.


For every service offered to our clients – both owners and buyers – Ghioni Luxury Real Estate guarantees the utmost privacy and discretion.
For this reason we offer those property owners who prefer it, the opportunity to publish their estate/s on a private area of our website, accessible only to users who have received our credentials to view them.
All this helps us guarantee our clients the utmost privacy.